Relationship Built.



History defined is the chronological record of events. In terms of a family business, history not only tells the story of company growth, but how the generations are threaded into its success. Each generation brings with it a uniqueness and perspective, adding to the lore of the company.

To a builder, history is made with every home built and every satisfied family. For Hollub Homes, history has been in the making for the past 60 years. Hollub Homes is responsible for building many of the outstanding award-winning custom homes and communities throughout South Florida.

The Hollub family legacy took root quietly, without fanfare or fuss, in 1954. That was the year Marvin Hollub built his very first home.

A pioneer in the South Florida building industry, Marvin Hollub sold his first two homes in what is now the Village of Pinecrest, in Miami, for $19,000 each when acre lots were going for $4,000 (now approx. 1.2 million for just the land).


1974 Builder’s Assoc. of S. FL

With building in the area going well, he expanded and began building custom homes in Coral Gables. With custom homes being his forte, he branched out to custom home communities in the 60’s. Now what started out as a small building and construction firm was transforming into a major custom home and community development company.

Through the years, Marvin was building something even more amazing than his homes, special bonds with the community. His support of the many non-profit and charitable organizations in the community has long been part of the fabric of Hollub Homes. And it’s no surprise.

While Marvin rebuffed buyout offers by large building corporations, he remained steadfast in his building philosophies and principles: “we value our relationships and everyone knows when the work is good and the prices fair, we will have partnerships for a long time.” Today, Marvin serves as founder and advisor.

With Marvin’s son Harry and daughter Helene at the helm, Hollub Homes continues its storied history knowing that building outstanding homes is also the foundation of what they build best…long lasting relationships.

Some of the communities which Hollub Homes has built over the years:

  • Highpoint Estates
  • Palmetto East
  • Kings Bay Pine
  • Pine Bay Estates
  • Galloway Glen
  • Pine Bay Estates South
  • Clinton Grove
  • Pinecrest Grove
  • Tara
  • Tall Oaks
  • Arabesque
  • Lychee Grove Estates