luxury custom home building Hollub Homes

luxury custom home building Hollub Homes

relationship built.

We’ve been asked many times why we always talk about relationships as it relates to Hollub Homes. In the luxury, or custom home building market, “building the home of your dreams” seems to be the common theme. And yes, for the past 57 years we’ve designed and built dream homes for our customers as well. However, as we continue our storied South Florida history, we asked ourselves what is it we do best.

We know that the quality and workmanship of our homes is second to none. And sure, we’ve won our awards just like other builders…but what truly sets us apart? So we decided to ask our past, present and even potential clients – why they selected or are considering selecting Hollub Homes. And you know what? - every person mentioned the word relationship. Whether it was a custom home or renovation, the comments remained the same. At some point in building together, our customers become personally connected with Hollub Homes.

And now we look forward to showing you why building with Hollub Homes is truly relationship built.


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